Rules for the Event

General rules:

      –  Age Groups eligible to participate are Alpha (4 years – 7 years), Beta (8 years – 11 years), Gamma (12 years -15 years) and Teens (16 years -18 years)

       –  Registrations will start from 04/10/2021 and ends on 15/10/2021  extended till 08/11/2021

      –  Only Christian devotional songs are allowed.

      – Children can start sending their videos from Oct 16, 2021 to Nov 8, 2021. No videos shall be accepted prior or after the said date..

      – Singing competition shall be held separately for Boys and Girls according to the age groups..

      – Childrens are requested to send their videos to kidoosfest through WHATSAPP ONLY to the number +91 9493940515 . 

      – Childrens are supposed to mention the registration id while sending the videos.

      -Videos once sent will be considered as final. It will be uploaded to the Facebook page of Kidoos Fest on the next day.

      – Kidoos Fest will send the Facebook link of the video to the participant and he/she is requested to use the same link for promoting their video

      – Likes and Shares seen on the FB page of Kidoos Fest only will be taken into consideration.

      – Final submission of videos – 08/11/2021

      – Likes and shares till – 12/11/2021 will be considered for evaluation


Event rules:

 – Solo song is only permitted

 – Time limit – 3min

 – Language of song – Telugu, Hindi, English, Malayalam

 – No pause/ break in between the song.

 – No instruments/ Karaoke is to be used.

 – No editing is allowed (Sound/ Video). Avoid using beauty cam, Filters etc for video.

 – For clear audio, connect your headset to your mobile and then record it. 

 – Videos will be evaluated by our judging panel and it remains confidential.

 – After declaration of result, no revaluation will be done, as evaluation done by judges will be considered as final  Likes and shares till – 12/11/2021 will be considered for evaluation

Total marks: 15. Pattern of marks division is as follows:

Intro Marks
Meaning / Subject of the song
Like & Share:

Registration Closed Thank you for Participating
Results will be announced Shortly
Stay Tuned
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