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Purpose of KIDOOS CARE ?

Physical wellbeing of children is the main aim of Parents. But when it comes to emotional, there tend to be a gap between the children and their Parents.
To fill that gap, Kidoos care aims at providing Counselling for the age group till 18yrs of age

How is it Useful to Children ??

“What problems do Children have?”

This is a common mistake that we as elders usually think. Problems are common for all Irrespective of age group. When the child fails to receive a proper solution for his/her problems, they ll end up choosing their own way. In most of the cases, These type of self made decisions ends up being a great trouble for the future of children and their families.
To safe guard their interest and give them an all time support in decision making, future planning, career building etc. our well reputed and professional counsellors shall render their continual support.
This helps us to build a Generation which is favourable to both God and men

Whats my privacy ??

1.All your chat are completely secured and encrypted  between you and the counsellor.

2. Your identity will not be disclosed to the third person.

Who are Handling?

This platform shall be completely handled only by Counsellors. No third party is involved in this process. This is done to maintain confidentiality and increase the ease of communication between children and Counsellors.

Mr. Jithin Joy

Msc Applied Psychology
Working as Consultant psychologist 

Ms. Jemy Easow

M.A. Clinical Psychology
 Working as Student Counsellor


1. Will my identity be disclosed?
No. Until and unless you provide your identity voluntarily. We just need your age.
2. Am I supposed to ask only biblical doubts?
No. You are free to ask any sort of query that can related to either physical issues or biblical issues.
3. Can I get in touch with the counsellors personally?
Yes! you can. Provided the counsellor feels the necessity for it. Please note your identity shall be disclosed in offline counselling session.
4. Will my chats be open?
No. Your chats are encrypted. It will be between only you and your counsellor.
5. What details are to be provided for my chat?
Your Age and your problem are the mandatory fields to be filled.
6. What if I fail to get response from counsellor?
You can get into chat after a while 
7. Is there any age limit for students?
Yes! Children upto the age of 18 are only permitted to use this platform.

DISCLAIMER: Children are requested maintain discipline and maintain proper code of conduct while you chat with counsellor.
If not, you shall be banned from accessing this portal.